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May Chen
OOTify Chief Operating Officer
Payom Niazmandi
College student's are suffering the consequences of Covid-19 in their mental health. A study from the NIH concludes "Due to the long-lasting pandemic situation and onerous measures such as lockdown and stay-at-home orders, the COVID-19 pandemic brings negative impacts on higher education. The findings of our study highlight the urgent need to develop interventions and preventive strategies to address the mental health of college students."

OOTify (Hindi meaning - "lift-up") is a clinically data-driven mental health services ecosystem. It uses educational content, predictive triage analytics, and enhanced telehealth to empower students to efficiently receive high-quality therapy and also find inexpensive sub-clinical resources that address their mental well-being needs.

Our goal is to partner with existing University mental health resources in order to improve and in many cases, save student’s lives. We work with University leadership to assess the mental health needs of their students and to understand the University’s existing mental health resources already available to students. Once we’ve collectively established the mental health gaps on campus, we have a variety of solutions to complement and augment existing resources in order to point students in the right direction to address their specific needs and meet students where, how, and when they need help. 

Through our HIPAA-compliant & secure tele-mental health mobile app, students can meet with a therapist live every week. Through our online community, The Fabric, students can chat with supportive peers going through similar challenges. Through our content and educational material, students can access a variety of resources that might help shine a light on a solution to a tough problem or offer some insights. Finally, we organize all of the existing campus resources and recommend certain mental health resources based on our evidence-based rules engine and a delightful technology experience. We pride ourselves in working closely with those who truly know students the best - their faculty, University staff, and University leadership. We aren’t just another mental health app, as we are the only platform that has been completed a clinical trial with college students to prove its effectiveness. 

We know mental wellness can be challenging and frightening to address and, in working together, we can create a community on campus where students feel safe, heard, and supported -- and where University leadership & staff finally have the anonymized data and insights to understand how to help and where to most effectively deploy budget and resources. 

Let’s solve the mental health crisis together. Let OOTify lift you up.

OOTify is in Beta. With a free consumer version. College's approved for the full version please contact for the deployment at your institution.
*Son C, Hegde S, Smith A, Wang X, Sasangohar F. Effects of COVID-19 on College Students' Mental Health in the United States: Interview Survey Study. J Med Internet Res. 2020 Sep 3;22(9):e21279. doi: 10.2196/21279. PMID: 32805704; PMCID: PMC7473764.