Gladeo - Career navigation platform

Gladeo - Career navigation platform

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Gladeo and Unibui

A customized community college version of our virtual, inclusive, Gen-Z friendly career navigation platform, The workforce and CTE department of Foothill College approached us a few months back and with their experience and understanding of the needs of their students gave their input to help us create a community college version of with unique features to maximize impact for their students, especially their students of color and first generation students. 

This platform will help your current students: 

(1) Identify their strengths and matching career pathways: Through the Gladeo quiz, our career assessment
(2) Be inspired and motivated: Our research-based, inclusive storytelling and videos increase the visibility of relatable role models in industry sectors where they have been historically underrepresented. 
- We will also provide you with an online form that you can send to your alumni so we can share their career stories and associate them with a career profile. Let your alumni inspire your students too! 
(3) Be informed: Our digital informational interviews offer pathway-specific career guidance. The interviews openly share useful information from first-hand interviews that assists students in gaining access to upwardly-mobile careers. 
- We will connect your college’s program links to the corresponding career profile. 
(4) Be connected: Our resource recommendations help users connect with reputable, career-building opportunities tailored to their career goals such as online and offline networking opportunities, internships and job opportunities. 


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